Unable to open Enterprise Console with the error: "The user [username] does not have any assigned roles"

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  • Updated: 22 May 2013

Having upgraded from Enterprise Console 4.x to 5.x the Console can no longer be opened and displays the following error:

Cannot open Sophos Enterprise Console
The user "[username]" does not have any assigned roles. You must be assigned to at least one role to run the console.
Contact your Administrator to resolve this issue

Known to apply to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
Enterprise Console 5.0.0

What to do

  1. First confirm that this article will resolve your issue by following the steps in the 'Technical Information' section.
  2. Backup the Sophos databases - KB 114299 How to use the DataBackupRestore.exe program to backup and restore your management server's data and configuration
  3. Open command prompt:
    • Start | Run and type in cmd
    • Click OK
  4. Type the following SQL command (note this is case sensitive):
    • SQLCMD -E -S [SERVER\INSTANCE] -d SophosX -Q "insert into UserRoles (UserID, RoleID) values (1,1)"
      • Where SophosX is the name of the Sophos database used by the Enterprise Console depending on version.  See article: 17323 for a list of 'core' databases names per version.
      • Where [SERVER\INSTANCE] is the location of the Sophos database.  If you are unsure what this might be, see article 113030 for details on how to find what SQL Server instance is being used.
    • Press Enter to execute the command
  5. The Enterprise Console will now open correctly. 

Example command:
Most commonly the Sophos databases will reside in the locally installed Sophos named SQL Server instance. If that is the case, the following command can be used for a Enterprise Console 5.2.0 installation:

SQLCMD -E -S .\Sophos -d SOPHOS52 -Q "insert into UserRoles (UserID, RoleID) values (1,1)"

Technical Information
To check that this is the issue being experienced by a Enterprise Console 5.2.0 installation, run the the following command:

SQLCMD -E -S (local)\SOPHOS -d SOPHOS52 -Q "select * from UserRoles"
Note: for other versions of Enterprise Console change SOPHOS52 to the database name of the version of Enterprise Console you are running.  See See article: 17323 for a list of 'core' databases names per version.
(local)\SOPHOS is the default location of the Sophos database instance. If you are unsure what this might be for your installation, see article 113030 for details on how to find what SQL Server instance is being used.

If the resulting output shows the following, this article should resolve your problem:

ID    UserID  RoleID
----- ------  ------
(0 rows affected)

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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