How to use the authtool at the shell in Astaro Security Gateway

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  • Updated: 25 May 2012

The authtool is a utility used for several tasks which regularly occur in authentication debugging.

Known to apply to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)

Sophos UTM Software Appliance

Operating systems


Current features include: 
  • md4 generation of passwords
  • automatic creation of ldapsearch commands from configured ldap servers
  • automatic deletion of (automatically created) backend users
  • test authentication
  • base64 encoding/decoding of ip addresses (used in edirectory sso)
  • edirectory sso log analysis: print sso events (login/logout/authentications/failures) ordered by ip address and time

where the command is one of the following: 

auth Perform authentication
backenduserde Remove all backend users
edir_log_analysis Analyze aua.log for edir sso requests
base64 Encode/Decode ip addresses to/from Base64
md4 Calculates the md4 sum of a given password
mkldapsearch generate ldapsearch command lines from configured servers


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