SMTP or Exchange Store scanning Jobs are unavailable in the Reports section

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  • Updated: 21 Jan 2015


When creating a report, you only see either the SMTP or Exchange Store scanning Job in the drop-down list, but you are using both scanning modes within PureMessage on your network.

First seen in
PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange


You can only create reports for the scanning modes which are present on the PureMessage server which the PureMessage Administration Console is currently connected to. By default, this is the local server though the PureMessage console can be connected to any PureMessage server.

What To Do

Connect the PureMessage Administration Console to a different PureMessage server which has both scanning modes:

  1. Open a new Windows MMC console
  2. From the 'File' menu, select 'Add/Remove Snap-in...'
  3. Click 'Add...' then select 'PureMessage Administration Console'
  4. Select 'Another computer:' and enter the name of a PureMessage server which has both SMTP and Exchange Store scanning modes

Note: If your PureMessage servers only run a single scanning mode, whether SMTP or Exchange Store - then you will need to create the reports separately for each mode.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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