PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange: alerts

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  • Updated: 17 Nov 2011

By default, PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange alerts administrators by email if it

  • encounters emails or newsgroup postings that are or may be infected
  • delivers encrypted email without scanning it
  • encounters an error
  • detects more than five viruses a minute (a virus outbreak).

Other alerts can be configured, and the text of the alerts customised.

Administrators can receive alerts on

  • suspicious mail processed
  • encrypted mail delivered
  • content threat processed
  • on error encountered
  • virus outbreak.

Recipients and senders can receive alerts on suspicious mail processed. Sophos recommends that Sender alerts are not activated where the mail server receives external email, because of the risk of mailing alerts where a virus has spoofed the From: address.

What to do

For details of how to configure the alerts refer to the PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange user manual.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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