Enterprise Console: Clients report Insufficient memory. [0xe03d000b]

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  • Updated: 12 May 2014


In the Enterprise Console, under the "Alerts and Errors Details" tab, "Scanning errors" column, the following error is shown:

Insufficient memory. [0xe03d000b]

In the SAV.txt log file on the client the following message is recorded:

Insufficient memory.

First seen in
Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows 2000+ 9.7.0


The on-access scanner is under heavier than usual load.

What to do

This error is normally a temporary issue and resolves itself if the memory load has passed. Please acknowledge the alerts.

If the issue continues:

  1. Check locally on the client to see if the SAVService.exe process is using higher than normal CPU usage.
  2. Ensure the client's on-access scanner is configured as per article 14245 (for SAV 9.7) and 114345 (for SAV 10.x).
  3. Check Add/Remove Programs and note any special third-party applications that may require additional exclusions to be set.  For more information see article 35970.
  4. If the alert has come from a Windows server and has an additional role(s) you should contact Microsoft for any specific exclusions or recommendations when running Anti-Virus on this type of computer.

Note: Sophos Technical Support does not hold any documentation for specific vendors' applications.  We recommend you contact the relevant technical support department for advice.  Sophos Technical Support can then assist in implementing any recommendations.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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