SafeGuard Enterprise Client upgrade / uninstall: Error 25300 The Sophos SafeGuard Local Cache is corrupt

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  • Updated: 28 Jan 2016


During the upgrade or uninstall of a SafeGuard Enterprise client, the setup fails with error message 25300: "Error 25300: The Sophos SafeGuard Local Cache is corrupt. Please restart this machine in any case before you start the installation again!"
After the machine has been rebooted, the problem persists and the SafeGuard Client cannot be upgraded / uninstalled.

First seen in

Sophos Disk Encryption 5.61.0
SafeGuard Device Encryption


The SafeGuard Enterprise Client's Local Cache was corrupted and upgrade / uninstall cannot continue before the integrity of the Local Cache is restored.

What To Do

On a client installed with SafeGuard Device Encryption, restart the machine, perform a Challenge/Response in the POA to restore the Local Cache and perform the upgrade / uninstall again.

Please note:

  • Certain Security Software (e.g. Checkpoint Endpoint Security, Symantec) might block access to the SafeGuard Local Cache. The Local Cache folder should be excluded from any scan or protection of such software. There is no danger in doing so as the Local Cache is protected by SafeGuard’s own security mechanism. If excluding isn't enough, the Security Software should either be disabled or uninstalled during the upgrade / uninstall process.
  • When using multiple SafeGuard components which rely on the Local Cache folder (SafeGuard Client, SafeGuard Server, SafeGuard Management Center) on one machine, all of those should be updated without any reboot because otherwise one of the components which is still on an older version cannot work with the already updated version of the Local Cache.

In case that the error message should re-occur - even after performing a Challenge/Response - the Client has to be re-installed.
As the uninstall of the SafeGuard Client would also fail due to a corrupt Local Cache, the following script can be executed on the affected Client to disable the Local Cache integrity and backup mechanism:*

After the Local Cache integrity check has been disabled, the SafeGuard Enterprise Client can be re-installed.

*Supported Client versions: SafeGuard Enterprise 5.40.0 - 7.00.2, Sophos SafeGuard Disk Encryption 5.61.0


If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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