After sync with Active Directory, Enterprise Console 4.5 lists duplicate computer names

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  • Updated: 20 Feb 2012

After installing, or upgrading to, Enterprise Console 4.5, duplicate PCs appear in Enterprise Console in the groups that have been synchronized with Active Directory. This occurs when a managed endpoint belonging to an Active Directory-synchronized Enterprise Console group is deleted.

Deleting either endpoint from Enterprise Console does not resolve the issue: once an AD sync occurs the unmanaged endpoint reappears, if the managed endpoint is deleted it will reappear after an update or if the endpoint is restarted (as intended).

The 'Computer details' on the unmanaged endpoint will be empty except for 'Computer name' and 'Operating system'.

First seen in
Enterprise Console 4.5.0

Fixed in
Enterprise Console 4.7.0

This issue has was raised as DEF62582 and fixed in Enterprise Console 4.7.0. When the AD sync occurs it imports all computer objects from the source OU. This currently appears to be not accounting for the Domain name in SEC45. When this occurs it does not match the new record with an existing one IF the original managed endpoint has been deleted at some point (this occurs even if the endpoint that had been deleted reports back to the console).

What to do

Upgrade to the latest version of Enterprise Console.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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