A fatal error occurred during the database upgrade (#5) Access is denied. OR Exit code 5 failed to transfer data from old database when running upgradedb.exe

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During the upgrade of Sophos Enterprise Console you see the following error:

A fatal error occurred during the database upgrade.

(#5) Access is denied.

Please run the following at a later date...

"C:\program Files\Sophos\Enterprise Console\UpgradeDB.exe" -sourceVersion=4 -debug

Running the Upgradedb.exe utility shows the following error:

Exit code 5 (Failed to transfer data from the old database.)
Full command prompt output is shown below.
\Program Files\Sophos\Enterprise Console>upgradedb.exe -debug -sourceVersion=4
<DATE> <TIME> ... successfully completed.
<DATE> <TIME> Validating parameter values ...
<DATE> <TIME> ... successfully completed.
<DATE> <TIME> Transferring data to the new database ...
<DATE> <TIME> Error: std::exception thrown SP Error: 55 (ErrorDataTransferFailed)
<DATE> <TIME> Exit code 5 (Failed to transfer data from the old database.)

Known to apply to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
Enterprise Console

This is normally caused by the Sophos 'Core' database not installing correctly or not being created before running the upgrade of the management server, so when running upgradedb.exe, the tables are not there to transfer the data into.

What To Do

  1. Drop the new database that has just been installed, e.g. SOPHOS52 (in the case where you are upgrading to Enterprise Console 5.2.0) by following:
    Dropping databases used by Enterprise Console
  2. Install the database again by following:
    Manually creating the Sophos databases for Enterprise Console as part of an install or upgrade
  3. Run the upgradedb.exe command again as detailed in:
    Using the UpgradeDB.exe tool to upgrade the Sophos database.
    If this still fails consult the 'Technical Information' section of article 65420 for more information on which stored procedure UpgradeDB.exe calls to migrate the data.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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