80040409 Check reveals that data written to [path] due to software subscription ... is invalid

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  • Updated: 20 Nov 2012


In the update manager details you see the following error:

80040409 Check reveals that data written to [path] due to software subscription [subscription-name] is invalid (e.g. corrupt or incomplete).

First seen in
Enterprise Console 4.0.0


The files are checked against a manifest file before they are decoded and distributed to the shared locations. This error indicates that one or more of the files are corrupt.

What To Do

On the affected update manager:

  1. In Windows Services stop the 'Sophos Update Manager' service.
  2. In Windows Explorer browse to:
    • XP/2003: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sophos\Update Manager\
    • Windows 7/2008: C:\ProgramData\Sophos\Update Manager\
  3. Delete the contents on the following two folders:
    • ...\Working\
    • ...\Update Manager\Warehouse\
  4. On the parent update manager, in Windows Services, start the 'Sophos Update Manager' service.
  5. In Enterprise Console, download the files again by right-clicking the parent update manager and selecting 'Update now'.

Next steps

If you have tried all the steps above but updates are still failing check the Sophos Update Manager Logviewer.exe tool for a more detailed error. Search the knowledgebase for errors you see in the Logviewer.

If you are unable to find information in the knowledgebase regarding the errors shown:

  1. Run the Sophos Diagnostic Utility (SDU) on the computer that is the update manager (which may not necessarily be the management server).
  2. Complete our Support Query form and attach the output file from the SDU tool.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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