How to set up a new Update Manager in Enterprise Console 4.x

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  • Updated: 05 Jul 2012
When you would like to configure a new Update manager in Enterprise Console, the following steps offer some advice about what you need to do on each tab of the Update manager.

This procedure assumes that you have previously installed a new Update Manager on a remote computer. For instructions on how to do this, please see the Advanced Upgrade Guide for the version of Enterprise Console that you are using.
  1. In Enterprise Console, switch to the Update Managers view.
  2. In the Update Managers view, check whether the software subscription is listed in the 'Software Subscriptions list'. If it is listed, go to step 4.
  3. If the software that you would like to download is not listed in the list of software subscriptions, click add to find it and add it to the list.
  4. Double-click the new Update Manager and, on the Sources tab, select its source for updates. If it will update from another update manager, or from a web server, select or add it now.
  5. On the Subscriptions tab, select the appropriate subscription and click the '>' (arrow) to add it to the 'Subscribed to' list.
  6. Select or add the shares that you would like this software to be written to and click the '>' (arrow) to add it/them to the 'Subscribed to' list.
  7. Set up a schedule for updating.
  8. Change the settings on the Logging and Advanced tabs as desired.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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