Enterprise Console won't open with error 0x80040300 'Sophos.Management.GeneralException: Location with the address \\serverName\SophosUpdate not found.'

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  • Updated: 26 Aug 2011

When attempting to open Enterprise Console, you see

Error 0x80040300 Location with the address .... not found. when attempting to open the console enterprise console

Known to apply to the following Sophos product and version

Enterprise Console 4.0.0

One of your remote Sophos Update Managers was renamed, causing Enterprise Console to terminate during its start-up checks. This is a known issue.

What to do

This issue was fixed in Enterprise Console 4.5. We recommend that you upgrade to Enterprise Console 4.5 in order to resolve this issue.

If you cannot upgrade immediately, the following OSQL commands will remove the Update Manager from the database to allow Enterprise Console 4.0 to open:

  1. Back up the SOPHOS4 database. For instructions on backing up the database please see Using backupdb.bat and restoredb.bat.

  2. On the server that hosts the Sophos database, open a command prompt (Start | Run | and type cmd) and type the following line (do not press the enter key until you reach the end of the line):

    osql -E -S .\sophos -d sophos4 -Q "select id from dbo.sddmservers where computerid = (select id from dbo.computersanddeletedcomputers where name='replaceWithMachineNameMentionedInPopupError')"

    (Note: the .\Sophos should be replaced by the name of the instance into which the Sophos database was installed if your instance name is not Sophos).

    This command should return a number (ID) for each Sophos Update Manager (SUM) listed in the database: you will use this number in the following command.

  3. Now type:

    osql -E -S .\sophos -d sophos4 -Q "exec dbo.sddmserverdeletebyid replaceWithNumberReturnedFromFirstCommand"

  4. Open Enterprise Console to check that the command has resolved the issue.

Additional Information

Actual error reported when first opening SEC:

Sophos.Management.GeneralException: Location with the address \\COMPUTERNAME\SophosUpdate not found.
at Sophos.Management.Services.Sddma.LocationRepository.GetByAddress(String address)
at Sophos.Management.Sddma.DownstreamPolicyObjectUpdater.UpdateObjectFromData(DownstreamPolicy domainObject, DownstreamConfiguration data)
at Sophos.Management.Services.Sddma.DownstreamPolicyAssembler.UpdateDomainObject(IComputerBasedPolicyDto dataTransferObject, DownstreamPolicy domainObject)
at Sophos.Management.Services.Sddma.DownstreamPolicyAssembler.CreateDomainObject(IComputerBasedPolicyDto dataTransferObject)
at Sophos.Management.Services.Sddma.DownstreamPolicyRepository.GetByName(String policyName)
at Sophos.Management.Services.Sddma.DownstreamPolicyRepository.GetByServer(IServer server)

From SEC Trace logs:

Error TraceManagementServiceEE[0x00001538] Caught WinRuntimeError (Location with the address \\COMPUTERNAME\SophosUpdate not found.), 0x80040300
Error TraceACELOG[0x00001538] Error PreMessageLoop failed with stage code 0x2

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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