Sophos Update Manager -- Error 25075: Cannot add user SophosUpdateMgr on server

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  • Updated: 24 Oct 2014


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When installing another instance of Sophos Update Manager (sum.msi) on the same domain

You may receive the following error:

  • An error occured during the SUM installation:
    (# 1603) Fatal error during installation
    Sophos Update Manager -- Error 25075.
    Cannot add user SophosUpdateMgr on server <%COMPUTERNAME%>.
    Either the user already exists,or access is currently denied.


Known to apply to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)

Sophos Update Manager for Mac OSX 1.0
Sophos Update Manager for Mac OSX
Sophos Update Manager
Enterprise Console 4.0.0
Enterprise Console 3.1.1
Enterprise Console 3.1.0
Enterprise Console 3.0



This error occurs when an existing SophosUpdateMgr account is present under Active Directory users and computers following installing of Sophos Control Center 4.0/4.1 or Enterprise Console 4.0, 4.5 and 4.7.

The SophosUpdateMgr account is created by the installer


What to do

If installing Sophos Update Manager on an additional machine, please select either existing account i.e. select SophosUpdateMgr or create new unique account, this will prevent replication issues. 

 If reinstalling Sophos Update Manager on primary server due to issue, delete SophosUpdateMgr account and re-run the following:


Sophos Enterprise Solutions:





If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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