SafeGuard Enterprise and system performance

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  • Updated: 06 Jan 2015


What impact does SafeGuard Enterprise have on the performance of an encrypted machine compared to non-encrypted machine?

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SafeGuard Device Encryption

What To Do

SafeGuard Enterprise encrypts the whole boot volume sector by sector, completely transparent, for the end user. 

Other volumes, such as a second partition and removable media devices can be encrypted either as volume or file based. Whenever data is written on to a device (to a sector), it is encrypted by SafeGuard Enterprise (with a strong, standardized algorithm) and decrypted when the sector is read out.

This process was tested thoroughly with SafeGuard Enterprise with the outcome being that users are not hindered in their daily work by using SafeGuard Enterprise.

The tests showed that the impact of SafeGuard Enterprise on a user's daily life is negligible. The major part of additional time that is added when installing SafeGuard Enterprise is the time to boot into Windows after passing the POA, which can take 1 minute longer than normal. 

After installation daily operation measures show a slight difference in performance which is typically not noticed by users during their work and which is caused by the permanent encryption and decryption process.

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