SafeGuard Enterprise client: How to boot-up from external media after POA

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  • Updated: 25 Apr 2016

SafeGuard Enterprise client: How to perform a boot from external media after POA.

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SafeGuard Device Encryption

Operating systems
All supported Operating Systems

What To Do


  • The BIOS of the computer must be set to the correct boot order, e.g. CD-ROM (first boot device), Hard Drive (second boot device) etc. On some machines it is necessary to define it the other way round.
  • A Policy must have been applied already that allows "boot to external device" ("boot to hard disk only" set to NO).

Boot Procedure

  1. Insert CD in the CD-ROM drive.
  2. Press F9 (or F12 or option key to execute Boot Menu). Depending on the BIOS of the machine this might be a different key.
  3. Select the option to boot from hard drive.
  4. The POA will come up. Login in with the correct username and password.
  5. Select 'Options' and choose 'Boot to External Media'.
  6. You will see SafeGuard loading. As soon as you see 'Boot from CD-ROM, press any key' message, press any key.

The system will now be booting to/from the external media. If booting from external media does not work for recovery scenarios, you can use the 'boot from external media before POA' option.


Note: The option to boot from an external media after POA has been removed as of version 6.10.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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