How to change the SafeGuard Enterprise certificate store password

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  • Updated: 02 May 2016

How to change the password of the SafeGuard Enterprise certificate store on a computer running the Management Center.

Known to apply to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
SafeGuard Management Center / Local Policy Editor

Operating systems
All supported operating systems

What To Do

The following procedure is used to change the log-on password to the Management Center for a Security Officer that has not been promoted:

  1. Open the SafeGuard Certificate Manager (only available on a computer running the SafeGuard Enterprise Management Center).
  2. Choose "Change password for RSA private key store".
  3. Change the password in the dialog box that comes up


This will not change the p12 password of the Security Officer certificate but only the password of the Certificate Store that stores the cer file. This will also change the password only for the currently logged-on Windows Account, since every account uses its own Certificate Store.

The above procedure does not apply to promoted security officers.


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