SafeGuard LAN Crypt Administration - How should encryption rules be defined for 16-bit programs ?

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  • Updated: 02 Nov 2015

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How should encryption rules be defined for 16-bit programs ?

For the version below if you use 16-bit programs that are to access encrypted files with file names longer than 8 characters or files in directories with names longer than 8 characters, you must use 8.3 notation to name the encryption rules. You should define these extra encryption rules separately, since otherwise 32-bit programs will not work any more.

Files which were accessed via its short path name (e.g. C:\DOKUME~1 instead of “C:\Documents and Settings”) were only considered by SafeGuard LAN Crypt if an additional rule on the short path name was defined.

For the version and higher a rule has only to be defined on the long path name and the short path name is also considered.

Hint: Use the dir /x command to display the correct 8.3 name of long file names.

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