SafeGuard LAN Crypt Client - Why do move operations with SafeGuard LAN Crypt possibly take longer ?

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  • Updated: 02 Sep 2015

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Why can 'move' operations take longer with SafeGuard LAN Crypt?

A move operation may take longer with SafeGuard LAN Crypt due to the overhead imposed by encryption.

  • A SafeGuard LAN Crypt 'move' operation from one drive to another, is implemented by the operating system as a 'copy' operation followed by deletion of the original files. SafeGuard LAN Crypt may be a bit slower because of the decryption or encryption.
  • A 'move' operation on the same drive is handled differently. Here, the operating system moves a file into the directory of a hard disk with only a few operations, so normally this is done quite quickly. However, if SafeGuard LAN Crypt is involved, the encryption state for source and direction also has to be checked. Therefore, if another key is used for the target destination, it requires the file to be re-encrypted plus a modification to the directory tree of the hard disk. Therefore, the 'move' operation may take a little longer.

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