SafeGuard LAN Crypt Client - What is the best way to copy encrypted CDs?

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  • Updated: 23 Nov 2015


What is the best way to copy encrypted CDs? 

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What is the best way to copy encrypted CDs?


There are two methods of copying encrypted files on CDs:

  • The copy software is registered as "Unhandled Application" in the configuration of SafeGuard LAN Crypt. This way, the copy software copies the files 1:1 as they are stored on the source medium (if they were encrypted, they will be stored encrypted again; if they are in plain, then they will be stored in plain).
    This method is particularly suited when you want to secure files in a straight way, e.g. for an encrypted backup.
  • Before copying, the data is copied into an encrypted directory and compiled. After that, the encryption is switched off manually (over tray icon) and the copy software is started. Alternatively, the copy software can also be started on a computer which does not run SafeGuard LAN Crypt.
    This method is well suited for the distribution of information material, particularly when the files should be encrypted according to different rules.


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