messages are not being scanned for spam

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  • Updated: 01 Oct 2008

If PureMessage for UNIX is not catching spam, there are three things you can check.

What to do

Check the following:

  • Was the message routed through the PureMessage server?
    The default PureMessage policy adds an 'X-PMX-Version' header to mail from external hosts. If the message does not have this header, it was not processed by PureMessage.
  • If your MTA is sendmail, is F=T set in sendmail's INPUT_MAIL_FILTER line?
    The 'F' parameter in the configuration file determines the action that sendmail takes if the concurrency_limit specified in the pmx.conf configuration file is exceeded (or if the PureMessage milter is otherwise unavailable). If this value is not set to 'T', messages will bypass PureMessage when the PureMessage milter is not available. See "Configuring Sendmail" in the "Installing PureMessage for UNIX" section of the product documentation for more information.
  • Is the PureMessage policy configured to deliver messages before they are scanned for spam?
    Delivery actions can be assigned to any policy rule, regardless of the rule's position in the policy script. If a message matches a rule with a delivery action before being processed by a rule that scans for spam, the message will be delivered without scanning.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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