PureMessage for UNIX: method of filtering messages

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  • Updated: 14 Oct 2008

PureMessage for UNIX makes use of the Sieve language to implement message scanning. Message tests and actions are configured in the policy script (policy.siv), which is run by the PureMessage Milter. The Milter both runs the policy script and interacts with sendmail. Among the filtering tasks that can be configured are:

  • check executable content or file names in email for known viruses and take various actions
  • identify messages that are spam and take various actions
  • look for one or more keywords in the message and take various actions
  • gather statistics about email processed
  • verify integrity of email messages based on various criteria
  • log and archive email messages based on selective criteria
  • remove, replace, or add recipients based on specific criteria
  • add specific banners in the header or body of outgoing messages
  • annotate email message headers with various kinds of additional information.

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