Are You Secure? Security in the Home Made Simple

You’re a master tactician at work and indispensable at home. Quarterly targets? Never in doubt. Your kids’ last-minute science project? Nailed it. In your domain you ooze confidence. But when it comes to tech and keeping your family safe, you may not feel all that secure.

So, how can you feel secure about being secure…without a PhD in tech? That’s where Sophos comes in. Not only is it our job to protect you – it’s also our mission to make it easy.

When you break it down, it’s actually pretty simple. There are just a few steps you should take to protect the devices you own and some basic behaviors that will keep you safe.

To get you started, Sophos is offering free, business-grade protection for up to 10 of your Macs and PCs. It’s an award-winning security product called Sophos Home and is available here.

But that’s not all. Click NEXT to discover some of the most effective and simple techniques out there for securing your home and family.