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Understand Network Threats

Network security shouldn't involve guesswork—you need the facts about today's threats and how to stop them. Watch our series of two-minute videos to understand today's most common threats.

advanced persistent threats

Advanced Persistent Threats

Advanced persistent threats (APT) are sneaky and hard to detect. They stay on your network, waiting for the right moment to create havoc. Find out how these threats work. 

APTs: Detection, Protection and Prevention

The Human Factor

The Human Factor

The weakest link in IT security is the click-happy user with their hand on the mouse; or more commonly today their finger on the touchscreen of their mobile device. Don't let your users get tricked. 

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Web Insecurity

The web is the number one source of infection. Cybercriminals hack thousands of legitimate websites every day to spread their malware to unsuspecting users. Make sure you don't fall victim to the latest web attacks.

Protecting against web attacks

wi-fi spies

Wi-Fi Spies

Insecure wireless networks leave your data vulnerable for anyone to see. Keep the snoops out and your data in. Make sure your Wi-Fi network isn't an invitation for criminal activity.

How to secure your wireless network


The Relevance of IPv6

Even if you think IPv6 doesn’t affect you, it probably does. Your computer and smartphone may be turning it on and using it by default. So make sure your network security can block it until you’re ready to use it. 

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Assess Your Risks in 10 Questions

Network threats lurk in every corner. Answer 10 quick questions in our online questionnaire to see if your security is up to speed. We'll give you a scorecard with clear recommendations for reaching a better level of security.

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Protect Your Network

Network threats are complex, but protecting your organization shouldn't be. Sophos is an industry leader in network and web security. Our UTM provides security all in one, including next-generation firewall capabilities, web filtering, VPN support, intrusion prevention, application control and more.

How UTM Works

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