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Intercept X

시그니처없는 안티-익스플로잇과 안티-랜섬웨어, 근본 원인 분석이 당신의 엔드포인트를 지능적인 위협으로부터 지켜줍니다.
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PC 보안

간단하고 직관적인 사용자 경험과 결합된 지능형 엔드포인트 보안.
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웹 보호

엔터프라이즈급의 Secure Web Protection은 뛰어난 성능을 보유하고 있으나 사용법은 간단합니다.
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Sophos Mobile

소포스 모바일은 모바일 기기 관리 및 보안에 들이는 시간과 노력을 줄여주는 통합 EMM(Enterprise Mobility Management) 솔루션입니다.
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Server Security

서버 락다운(Lockdown)기능을 갖춘, 성능 저하 없이 가상과 물리적 서버를 보호합니다.
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Secure Wi-Fi

무선 네트워크를 관리하고 보호할 수 있는 간단하고 효율적인 방법.
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컴퓨터를 분실하거나 도난당한 경우 당신의 데이터를 안전하게 보호하세요. 디바이스 암호화는 Windows BitLocker 혹은 macOS FileVault 전체 디스크 암호화를 가장 쉽게 중앙에서 관리하는 방법입니다.
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Sophos Email

클라우드에서 이메일을 보호, 관리하고, 스팸 및 피싱, 멀웨어, 데이터 손실을 간편하게 방지하세요.
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Intuitive Dashboard

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Synchronized Security

Sophos Central allows you to manage our award-winning Synchronized Security platform. Advanced attacks are more coordinated than ever before. Now, your defenses are too. Our revolutionary Security Heartbeat™ ensures your endpoint protection and firewall are talking to each other. It’s a simple yet effective idea that means you get better protection against advanced threats and spend less time responding to incidents. It’s so simple, it makes you wonder why nobody did it before.

Find Threats Faster

Advanced threat indicators like suspicious network traffic are instantly shared between the Next-Gen Firewall and the Next-Gen Endpoint to detect and prevent attacks.

Simplify Investigation

Active identification of compromised systems shares computer names, users, and paths between your Endpoint and Firewall, so you can take action quickly.

Minimize Threat Impact

Compromised endpoints are automatically isolated by the firewall, while the endpoint terminates and removes malicious software. And, it saves IT time and money through automated incident response.

Not Just For Admins

Partner Dashboard

Sophos Central lets partners manage multiple customer installations from a single, intuitive interface. Respond to alerts, manage licenses, and track upcoming renewal dates.

Self-Service Portal

Users can log in to the self-service portal to customize their security status, recover their password, and get notifications.

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