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XG Firewall

XG Firewall

Easily enable Synchronized Security on any network to get unrivaled security, simplicity, and insight.

"Very creative convergence of a lot of solid functionality."

Unrivaled Security, Simplicity, and Insight


Runs inline with your existing firewall to easily enable Synchronized Security on any network
Exposes hidden risks on your network including unknown apps, top risk users, advanced threats, and much more.
Automatically responds to incidents - instantly identifying and isolating infected systems until they can be cleaned up.
Blocks unknown threats with a comprehensive suite of advanced protection including IPS, ATP, Sandboxing, and more.
  • "Top performance with stunningly
    good value."

    - PC Pro
  • "Very creative convergence of a
    lot of solid functionality."

    - SC Media

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Synchronized Security


엔드포인트와 방화벽의 실시간 인텔리전스 공유를 지원하는 차세대 보안

이제 보안 솔루션이 대화를 시작합니다.

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“다른 어떤 회사도 엔드포인트와 네트워크 보안 제품 간에 이러한 유형의 커뮤니케이션을 제공하는 데 근접하지 못했습니다.”

Sophos Central Platform을 통해

중앙에서 관리

클라우드 기반의 하나의 콘솔에서 모든 Sophos 제품을 관리합니다.

직접 확인해 보기

완전하게 채워진 데모 환경에 로그인하여 Sophos Central을 경험해 보십시오.

Sophos Central 무료 30일 평가판으로 나만의 환경을 설정해 보십시오.

Intercept X 소개

Intercept X

엔드포인트 보안에 대한 완전히 새로운 접근

당사는 5,000개 이상의 엔드포인트에 Intercept X를 배포했습니다. 배포 이후 400개의 새로운 랜섬웨어 공격을 중지시켰고 제로 랜섬웨어 감염이라는 성과를 달성했습니다."

The ultimate in next-gen
endpoint protection

Harness the power of deep learning neural networks

Deep learning makes Intercept X smarter, more scalable, and higher performing than security solutions that use traditional machine learning or signature-based detection alone.

직접 확인해 보기

완전하게 채워진 데모 환경에 로그인하여 Sophos Central을 경험해 보십시오.

Sophos Central 무료 30일 평가판의 일부로 Intercept X를 사용해 보십시오.

Sophos Home

Sophos Home

Bringing the powerful, business-strength security IT professionals trust to home PCs and Macs

Business-grade cybersecurity.
Now available for home use.

“Sophos Home includes some sophisticated management features not typically found in consumer-side free antivirus products.”

Industry experts recognize Sophos Home

“Our test was flawless”

"Best-in-class protection"

“Straightforward features”

"Exceeds the standards of its competitors"

Go beyond antivirus

Quick and easy to install

Quickly register and begin adding computers in no time

Remove existing malware

Rid your PC of any previous malware infections

Real-time protection

Goes beyond simple antivirus to protect against the latest threats

Advanced ransomware and privacy protection

Blocks the latest threats to your private data

Easy to setup with an intuitive interface that’s simple and functional.

Jared M., Alberta - beta user

The same protection trusted by
millions of business users worldwide

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