カテゴリ: Virus hoax 最初の検出日: 2000 1 01
種類: hoax更新日: 2006 6 08
別名: Despite


This appears to be a 'chain letter' style scam. It may have the subject:

'!!!WARNING -- DESPITE-virus!!! -XGVQ'.

The text of the hoax reads as follows:

!!!!!This is not SPAM or joke!!!!! ----------------------------------

Hi from Ukraine. When you receive this message, all computers in your network is already infected by DESPITE-virus. 11th of October, 1999, data in the all databases will be lost. For disinfect you need to use only STARIONI disinfector. 1. Send to your valid e-mail address with subject "DESPITE". 2. Send US$24.99 to the following bank account. Bank account: BENEFICIARY: NIKOLAEV BRANCH CB "PRIVATBANK" BENEFICIARY ADDRESS: 27 FRUNZE STR., NIKOLAEV UKRAINE ACCOUNT: 3901 9 004017 003 BANK OF BENEFICIARY: COMMERCIAL BANK "PRIVATBANK" ADDRESS OF THE BENEFICIARY'S BANK: DNEPROPETROVSK, UKRAINE SWIFT: PBAN UA 2X CORRESPONDENT ACCOUNT: 890-0085-754 INTERMEDIARY BANK: THE BANK OF NEY YORK ADDRESS OF THE INTERMEDIARY BANK: Eastern Europe Division One Wall St., 9-th Floor New York, N.Y., 10286, USA SWIFT: IRVT US 3N DETAILS OF PAYMENTS: IN FAVOUR acc.26206791707001/875 RACHKOVAN VADIM After receiving your bank transaction, the STARIONI disinfector in self-extract archive "starioni.exe"(74.648 bytes) will have been deliver to your mailbox immediately.