カテゴリ: Virus hoax 最初の検出日: 2008 2 11
種類: hoax更新日: 2008 2 11


This virus hoax was reported as spreading between Serbian speaking computer users in 2008. The hoax claims that hard drive data will be lost on computers that receive the email. It is likely that the bogus warning message has also been forwarded in other languages too.

The original Serbian version of the email reads as follows:

Subject: Fw: Upozorenje novi virus - HITNO!

Message body:

Reci svim svojim kontaktima, neka ne otvaraju mail

_ reeirti@

jer je u pitanju mail koji je virus i koji formatira-izbrise hard disk (kompletan racunar) i ako ga primi samo jedan od tvojih kontakata, automatski ga prenosi na tebe. Posalji kopije ove poruke svim svojim kontaktima, jer je to vrlo vazno.

An English translation of the hoax reads:

Subject: Fw: Warning new virus - URGENT!

Message body:

Tell to all your contacts, not to open mail

_ reeirti@

Because it is an email with virus that formats-erases hard disk (all data on your computer) and if it is received even from one person from your contacts, it will be transferred to you automatically.

Send copies of this message to all your contacts, because it is very important.