Serious change for Sophos users

カテゴリ: Scare 最初の検出日: 2003 10 10
種類: scare更新日: 2006 6 08


In October 2003 a message began to be distributed on the internet claiming that Sophos Anti-Virus could no longer disinfect viruses.

The claim is not true - Sophos can disinfect virus infections in both its on-demand and on-access scanners. Indeed, Sophos's ability to clean-up virus infections has been confirmed by independent testing bodies such as ICSA Labs, who awarded Sophos with its prestigious disinfection certification.

An example of the typical erroneous message being distributed on the internet, follows:

Alert: Serious Change for Sophos Users
If you use Sophos for your antivirus software, you should be aware of a serious issue that exists without you knowledge. Sophos' latest build does not clean viruses. Apparently, the European development team changed the functionality of the software. Basically, the software no longer deletes/moves infected files to a secure location when an infected file is detected. If you're concerned about this, contact Sophos support.

Sophos recommends users delete the message if they receive it, and do not forward it on.