iPod Police scam

カテゴリ: Scam 最初の検出日: 2003 12 08
種類: scam更新日: 2006 6 08
別名: iPod purchase, Huntingdon Mail Order


In December 2003 users reported receiving an unexpected email claiming their credit card had been debited in payment for an Apple iPod MP3 player. However, the telephone number given in the email was actually that of the Cambridgeshire Police Force.

It is possible that this email was sent out in a deliberate attempt to flood the telephone lines of the police force.

Users who receive the email are advised to delete it, and not reply to the email.

The text of the email reads as follows:

Subject: Transaction Receipt (UKCards)
From: "UKCards" <receipt@ukcards.com>


Please note: All charges to your statement
will appear in the name "UKCARDS LIMITED".

Order Information
Amount: £399.95
Currency: GBP
Description: iPod Music Player 40GB

Customer Service
Telephone: 01480 456111
Email: N/A

Delivery Address
47 Silver Street, London, NW1 5TR

If you have any questions on the delivery
of this order or product details please contact
the merchant directly using the above details.