Millennium virus

カテゴリ: Misunderstanding 最初の検出日: 2000 1 01
種類: misunderstanding更新日: 2006 6 08


This is a real problem which has erroneously been called a 'virus' by the press, again exhibiting their tendency to call any software problem a virus. It has absolutely nothing to do with viruses.

The issue is that many computer programs - especially old programs and mainframe systems, but also many on PCs and other platforms - store years in dates as only the last two digits, and assume that the first two are '19'. Obviously this will very soon be no longer true, and this is becoming a big problem.

The programmers of these systems never imagined that their programs would still be in use by the year 2000, and therefore didn't write their software to cope.

Therefore, this is a big problem, but absolutely nothing to do with viruses (although virus code may have this problem too!).