Sainsbury's gift vouchers

カテゴリ: Chain letter 最初の検出日: 2005 10 17
種類: chain更新日: 2006 6 08


This chain letter has been spread across the internet. It is closely related to another chain letter, Bill Gates Fortune. Of course, it is not true and Sainsbury's have confirmed that they were not responsible for this chain letter's creation.

The text of the chain letter reads as follows:

Dear Sainsbury's Shoppers! !

As part of our marketing exercise we will be giving away £60 gift vouchers. Yes you read it right, Free gift vouchers, no catch.

All you have to do is forward this email on to 10 friends & a copy to <email address removed> simple as that. Once everyone in your list has sent 10 emails you will be emailed your £60 voucher which you can exchange in all Sainsbury's stores.

Thanks for taking part in our exciting new marketing method

Kind Regards,
<contact details removed>