Help burned baby

カテゴリ: Chain letter 最初の検出日: 2006 12 07
種類: chain 更新日: 2006 12 07


This chain letter, which often includes a picture of a badly burnt baby, claims that simply by forwarding the message to others, an injured baby's parents will receive three cents to pay for treatment. Of course, this is nonsense and the parents will receive no money.

The text of the chain letter reads as follows:

If you don't forward don't have a heart!

Dear All,

Alexandra came out of a rigging fire alive,
but now has to fight for her life and a normal future. She is 14 months old and she has burnt skin all over her body, damage facial bones (as a result of very high temperature).
She does not have half of her face.
She is in hospital in Cracow - Poland and one of the best specialist is looking after her.
However she still has to go through many surgeries and then long rehab.
Unfortunately her parents do not have any more money.
Therefore we are asking for your help.
For each forwarded email her parents will get 3 cents. Please help them and forward this email to as many people as you can.