Case Study: Cobalt Sky


Cobalt Sky switched from McAfee after experiencing virus infections which they had to use Sophos to clean up. Since implementing Sophos, they have been delighted with both their protection and Sophos technical support. Scarica subito

“Our confidence in Sophos is such that, if a machine starts behaving oddly, we don’t consider viruses at step 1 because we know Sophos would have dealt with it.”
Brian Atkinson, Cobalt Sky Limited

Fact file

Sector: Market Research Technology Services
Location: London, UK
Environment: 25 users
Solution: Endpoint Protection
Email Protection

Business Challenge

  • Cobalt Sky was using McAfee when they had two virus incidents for which the only cure was to download a trial version of Sophos and let it clear the virus.

Technology solution

  • Sophos Endpoint Protection and Sophos Email Protection secure Cobalt Sky against threats.
  • Sophos Technical Support is on hand to support Cobalt Sky whenever they need help.

Business results

  • We have found Sophos to be 100% reliable to the point where, if Sophos doesn’t appear to work correctly, we know it is a mistake we have made either in installation or there is something wrong with the machine.

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I commenti dei clienti

"Sophos ci ha permesso di risparmiare tempo, risorse e denaro"
Sam Ghelfi, Raymond James

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