Case Study: Turner Padget


South Carolina law firm Turner, Padget, Graham & Laney chose Sophos RED to deliver simple, secure and cost-effective connectivity between their offices and remote sites. The solution is so easy to use they have been able to increase billable time, while ensuring the security of their sensitive information. Scarica subito

“ When your IT staff is impressed with a product you know you made the right choice.”
Mark Brophy, director of information technology

Sector: Law
Location: South Carolina, USA
Environment: Five offices in South Carolina and an IT office in Chicago
Solution: Sophos UTM and Sophos RED

Business Challenge

  • Turner, Padget, Graham & Laney needed to ensure that each office had the appropriate network security in place, particularly as they often deal with sensitive material.
  • They also needed to ensure attorneys could connect to the office from any location and that legal teams could set up and secure temporary ‘war rooms’ while preparing for litigation.
  • A third requirement was for a cost-effective solution that didn’t require a separate UTM device in each office.

Technology solution

  • Turner Padget added Sophos RED to their existing Sophos UTM solution.
  • As their roving attorney’s are not always very technical, a huge advantage of Sophos RED is that it can be set-up by anyone.

Business results

  • The litigation specialist who manages their IT infrastructure at war room sites can now set everything up in less than 20 minutes, giving more time to focus on billable tasks.
  • They have been able to reduce costs with Sophos RED as they do not need expensive T-1 or additional UTM subscriptions to secure temporary and other remote locations.
  • An added benefit is that, in the event they get hit by a hurricane, they can quickly relocate the attorneys and be up and running using Sophos RED.

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I commenti dei clienti

"Sophos ci ha permesso di risparmiare tempo, risorse e denaro"
Sam Ghelfi, Raymond James

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