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When insurance broker Bradish Associates needed to buy new antivirus software, VP Jordan Bradish had no intention of going back to McAfee. Its large updates and intrusive pop-ups were too distracting for his employees. He chose Sophos, and hasn’t had to think about network security ever since. Neither has anyone else in the company. Scarica subito

“Here’s an example of software that does what it’s supposed to do, and doesn’t need anyone to manage it. Out of sight, out of mind. And for antivirus, that’s a good thing.”
Jordan Bradish, Vice President, Bradish Associates

Fact file

Sector: Insurance
Location: Arlington Heights, Illinois
Environment: Under 50
Solution: Sophos Anti-Virus

Business Challenge

  • McAffee Antivirus was too intrusive on system resources
  • Bradish required an antivirus that met protection regulations but ran quietly in the background

Technology solution

  • An IT consultant recommended Sophos Anti-Virus Small Business Edition based on requirements, price and ease of use
  • The solution was deployed with no impact on the end users

Business results

  • The Sophos Control Center allows users to manage the network form a single location
  • Automated alerts are triggered when import issues are encountered, saving time and effort.
  • Bradish employees were only aware of the transition to Sophos when the obtrusive McAffee pop-ups stopped.

I commenti dei clienti

"Sophos ci ha permesso di risparmiare tempo, risorse e denaro"
Sam Ghelfi, Raymond James

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