Java viruses

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Programs written in Java have one of two forms: applications or applets. Java applications are like applications written in C, or Pascal, or BASIC, and can do the things that you would expect applications to do. After all, an application such as a word processor which could not save files to disk or write to the printer would be of little use. In other words, a Java application can perform operations that could compromise security.

Java applets are different, in that they are run by another application (such as a web browser) which is responsible for executing them in a secure environment, often called a "sandbox". When running in this sandbox, any Java operations which might compromise security are disallowed -- in theory, at any rate.

Broadly speaking, applets are secure; applications may not be. When you visit a Java-enabled website, you are downloading and running applets.

See The first Java virus for more information.

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