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The text of this chain letter reads as follows:

PLEASE READ THIS AND MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS. Please don't reply. This is being sent to over 2000 people in my address book. If you receive this more than once - sorry.

I cannot express how much I dislike writing this email. This was told to me by a close friend who knows the lady concerned. If it were not for the close association I would not believe it and would not pass this on. It is ONLY because of this that I have a moral responsibility to inform you. Please read this story, make your own decisions and if you forward this, mark it as urgent. Again, I am sorry to have to write to you like this.

My friends girlfriends friend was walking was walking in Hyde Park. She noticed a man of Middle Eastern appearance getting up from a seat and walking away. As he got up he dropped his wallet. She picked up the wallet and ran after him and returned it to him. The man turned and thanked her, he then said "Thank you for doing this good deed, one good deed deserves another, stay out of London on Thursday". He walked away. The girl was very scared, he was soldier like and very serious in what he said. She immediately went to the police and was eventually given photos of known terrorists to look at. She identified the man from a photo.

Thursday is tomorrow. For my part, I pray this is a big hoax. I will be very happy if it is. In any event I am taking my family to the beach for the day. Why - because what if it were true and I did nothing, and ignored it and did not tell you. That is why. I will not run from every threat, this was to close an association to ignore, for me.

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