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"Management server connection failed. Could not connect to the Management Server." and "Could not start the Sophos Management Service...". Error 0x80004005: Unspecified error
13 feb 2017

Error: Enterprise Console cannot protect your network fully - update manager not configured
11 giu 2016

Sophos Enterprise Console produces the error 'Cannot open Sophos Enterprise Console' when .NET 4 was previously installed then uninstalled
14 ott 2015

A child update manager shows the error 'Threat detection data update failed'
09 ott 2015

Error 0x80040300 shown when opening or using the console
01 lug 2015

Error 0x80131604 shown when the console fails to open
30 giu 2015

Enterprise Console: Error "The user is not assigned to any sub-estates"
05 giu 2015

Enterprise Console Error: Server is in single user mode. Only one administrator can connect at this time.
01 giu 2015

Error when attempting to open Enterprise Console on a remote computer as a role-based administrator
29 mag 2015

Troubleshooting SQL Server login failures (18456 errors)
29 mag 2015

How to enable trace logging for the Sophos Management Service
11 mag 2015

80040154 Class not registered when opening Enterprise Console
30 ott 2014

Error 80040155 'Interface not registered' is displayed when you try to edit a policy
03 ott 2014

'Unable to log in as the specified user' error when opening Enterprise Console
15 ago 2014

Enterprise Console shows the error: Failed to open Connection. 0x80040603
19 giu 2014

Remote Enterprise Console "Not a member of sub-estates" when accessing from Trusted Child Domain
12 mag 2014

Cannot delete a sub-estate from the console on a German-language computer - error: 0x8007000E
12 mag 2014

Enterprise Console: management server cannot connect to remote database on SQL Server Express
09 mag 2014

"EM Library is still running in the updating hierarchy"
01 mag 2014

Error 0x80070534 when opening Enterprise Console
06 mar 2014

GetObjectSetfailed for Sophos.Management.RBAC.Core.User
10 feb 2014

When opening the "Patch Assessment Viewer" You see the message: "Could not complete the last task."
03 feb 2014

Could not retrieve data (Internal communication error)
14 gen 2014

Error 'Cannot open Sophos Enterprise Console', 'An unexpected error has occurred.'
25 nov 2013

Database connection error when opening an encryption-related dialog in the console
25 nov 2013

When viewing the Enterprise Console error code "unspecified error 0x829F0001" is shown
23 nov 2013

Sophos Update Manager popup error mentioning Base64Decode returned false
21 nov 2013

Internal error received when trying to cleanup detections from the Console "An unknown exception was caught."
15 ott 2013

Failed to load MachineCertificate: SGERROR: UNABLE TO LOAD MESSAGE TEXT(4294967294)
07 ott 2013

Console shows the error 'invalid vector<T> subscript' when selecting 'Actions | Encryption Recovery'
17 lug 2013

Error opening Enterprise Console after server name change
17 lug 2013

Unable to open Enterprise Console with the error: "The user [username] does not have any assigned roles"
22 mag 2013

The server threw an exception 0x80010105 when trying to discover new computers
05 apr 2013

'Failed to open audit event' message shown when using Enterprise Console with Auditing enabled
12 mar 2013

Protect computers wizard throws: error: 0x80004005 (Unspecified error) at last stage of the protect wizard
26 feb 2013

Cleanup from the console of a detected item of malware times out
10 dic 2012

Error 'The RPC server is unavailable.' and ' 0x800706BA' when opening the console
10 set 2012

Enterprise Console: error message when remote console started by domain user
27 gen 2012

Errore 0x80040507 durante un tentativo di apertura del Visualizzatore eventi della console
01 dic 2011

swi_lspdiag_64.exe e swi_lspdiag.exe vengono bloccati da Sophos Client Firewall
01 dic 2011

The location [\\server\SophosUpdate] ends with the reserved folder name 'SophosUpdate'; please choose another location
08 lug 2010

Enterprise Console crashes with unexpected error when editing a new HTTP or UNC path
01 lug 2010