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Endpoint Security and Control: How to prepare for inclusion in a disk image
15 mar 2017

Possible upgrade paths for Sophos Enterprise Console
22 feb 2017

Enterprise Console: FAQ on deployment
06 ott 2016

Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows 2000+: incorporating current versions in a disk image, including for use with cloned virtual machines
05 ago 2016

How does the 'Protect computers wizard' perform an installation?
15 lug 2016

How to install Endpoint Security and Control manually on networked computers
01 mar 2016

Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows XP+: Installation and configuration considerations for Sophos Anti-Virus on a Remote Desktop Services server
16 feb 2016

How to prepare computers for installation of endpoint security software
06 gen 2016

Unable to protect a Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Windows 2012 R2 computer from Enterprise Console
27 ago 2015

Deploying Endpoint Security and Control through Active Directory group policy
20 mag 2015

Error 'The applied software subscription does not contain software this computer can use' when protecting a computer
24 apr 2015

The 'Discover computers' wizard option 'on the network' may fail on Microsoft Windows Server 2008
24 apr 2015

Protecting computers in a multiple domain environment
14 apr 2015

Automatic deployment via Active Directory synchronization fails for one or more computers
20 gen 2015

Using SCCM 2007 (SMS) to deploy Endpoint Security and Control (Sophos Anti-Virus)
20 gen 2015

Enterprise Console: attempt to deploy to another management server fails
09 mag 2014

Enterprise Console: IP address discovery
09 mag 2014

Enterprise Console: do not deploy Sophos Anti-Virus to another console
09 mag 2014

Enterprise Console cannot protect clients if the webserver accepts anonymous requests
13 dic 2013

Error 1327 Invalid drive
05 nov 2013

How to install the Sophos Patch Agent without re-deploying Sophos endpoint security software
14 ott 2013

Automatic installation of Sophos security software (via AD sync) fails to servers
02 set 2013

Sophos Anti-Virus: during deployment you see 'Error 0000002f, Installation involves creating a scheduled task...'
05 ago 2013

Endpoints show Error 8007052E Could not start installation program on the computer: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password within the Sophos Console
30 lug 2013

Remote task scheduling and installation on Windows computers
24 lug 2013

Informazioni sull'individuazione dei computer in Enterprise Console
27 mar 2013

Protecting an endpoint from Enterprise Console results in log on error code 0x80070569
25 feb 2013

Why can't I find computers on my network in the console?
25 ago 2011

After re-protecting endpoints from a new Enterprise Console, the endpoints show in the new Enterprise Console as "Not Yet Managed"
02 ago 2011

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control: error [VE_BADCERT]:7 or [0x00000017] when installing Sophos Anti-Virus
16 giu 2011

Deployment to endpoints from web folder fails with no error message
07 lug 2010

Computers imported from or synchronized with Active Directory may appear in the console as belonging to a workgroup.
22 mar 2010

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control: why can't I choose the directory on endpoint computers?
30 lug 2009