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Sophos Central: Device Encryption fails on SGN 8 clients
22 set 2016

Sophos SafeGuard Authentication Service is not running, no further action possible! error displayed
12 set 2016

Sophos SafeGuard: Power-on Authentication (Pre-boot Authentication) Whitepaper
23 ago 2016

How to deploy SafeGuard Enterprise Disk Encryption or File Encryption for Mac with minimal user input
09 ago 2016

Advisory: MacBook Air (solo il rilascio di giugno 2013) si blocca dopo l'installazione di Sophos Disk Encryption per Mac, versione 6.x
22 lug 2016

Sophos SafeGuard Disk Encryption for Mac: support for Apple Bootcamp
08 lug 2016

SafeGuard Disk Encryption/ SafeGuard Native Device Encryption for Mac on iMac/Mac mini machines with an optional Fusion Drive
23 giu 2016

SafeGuard Enterprise Data Exchange: Unable to save a decrypted .docx file on a portable device
20 giu 2016

Sophos SafeGuard Disk Encryption for Mac - Compatibility with OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
02 giu 2016

SafeGuard Base Encryption Viewer reports error 3610 / 3611 when trying to access a drive
26 mag 2016

How to: Migrating Sophos Disk Encryption 5.61 Clients to SafeGuard Enterprise (included in SafeGuard Disk Encryption Advanced license) and upgrading the client version to SafeGuard Enterprise 6.10
27 apr 2016

Power-On Authentication (POA) won't start on HP 650 G1 and device is stuck with a black screen
15 apr 2016

Sophos Disk Encryption/ SafeGuard Easy/ SafeGuard Enterprise (standalone) user forgot their password (Local Self Help was not activated)
12 feb 2016

You cannot change/modify the Sophos SafeGuard Client component from Add/Remove Programs or Program and Features
12 feb 2016

SafeGuard Easy Recovery Keys Backup
11 feb 2016

SafeGuard Enterprise Client upgrade / uninstall: Error 25300 The Sophos SafeGuard Local Cache is corrupt
28 gen 2016

When SGN 6.10 Sophos SafeGuard Disk Encryption for Mac activates FileVault 2 on OS X 10.10.1, the computer may no longer successfully boot and stop with a no-entry sign.
20 gen 2016

Sophos SafeGuard Disk Encryption for Mac: Apple EFI Firmware Update
16 nov 2015

SafeGuard Disk Encryption for Mac 5.55.0 Release Notes
16 nov 2015

How to automatically backup SafeGuard encryption keys to a local folder
09 nov 2015

SafeGuard Enterprise: How to change the POA keyboard layout
03 nov 2015

Full Disk Encryption: Watch our 'How to...' videos
03 nov 2015

Changing the computer name on a computer with SGE installed
09 ott 2015

SafeGuard Enterprise: Implementing SSL for Client-Server communication
01 set 2015

Sophos SafeGuard Disk Encryption for Mac: Power-On Authentication can be turned off permanently
29 gen 2014

SafeGuard Enterprise Clients fail to synchronize with the SafeGuard Enterprise Server following installation of Enterprise Console
01 ott 2013