Known limitations with data control

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Some content or actions within the applications that are supported by data control,
(i.e. Sophos data loss prevention functionality - DLP) cannot be scanned. This article contains the most recent list of them.

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
Sophos Endpoint Security and Control

Application Scanned Not scanned
Web browsers
  • File uploads
  • Webmail attachments
  • Microsoft SharePoint uploads
  • Webmail message content
  • Blog entries
  • File downloads
    Note: In a small number of cases, file downloads may be scanned and trigger alerts, e.g.:
    • Microsoft Defender is enabled on the system causing the IOfficeAntiVirus Module - MpOav.dll to be loaded by the browser.  This can be prevented by disabling Defender.
    • The browser loading the icon of an executable may also give rise to an alert.  As an example this can happen when presenting the download bar in Chrome.

    Where feasible, the download location can be excluded in the Data control rule.

Email clients
  • Email attachments
  • Email message content
  • Forwarded attachments
  • Attachments made using the 'Send' email option within applications (e.g. Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office)
  • Attachments using the 'Email this file' option within Windows Explorer
  • Attachments copied from one email to another email
  • Saved attachments
    (however, in a small number of cases, files may be scanned when saved)
Instant Messaging (IM) clients
  • File transfers
    (note: scans may occur twice on the sender's computer: once when the file is sent and another when the file is accepted by the recipient)
  • IM message content
  • Sent files

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