The 'Discover computers' wizard option 'on the network' may fail on Microsoft Windows Server 2008

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When using the 'Discover computers' wizard in Enterprise Console and selecting 'Discover on the network' you may be presented with the following error message:

No domains/workgroups could be found, it is not possible to find new computers.
Check that:

* The entered account has rights to retrieve computer information (if required).
* The entered account has access to computers on your network.

Further information: An extended error has occurred.

Sophos product and version
Enterprise Console

Operating system
Microsoft Windows 2008 Server (all supported variants)
Microsoft Windows 2008 Small Business Server

What to do

By default, Windows Server 2008 does not have the 'Computer Browser' service enabled. To start the service and find the computers on your network:

1. Click Start | Run and then type
and press the Enter key.
2. Locate the Computer Browser service and select 'Automatic start-up' and then start the service.
3. In Enterprise Console, click 'Discover computers' and select 'Discover on the network'.
4. Enter some credentials that will work on all the computers and click Next.

If you do not require NetBIOS discovery after performing this procedure, you can safely stop the service and remove the ‘Automatic start-up’ setting.

Technical Information
The failure can occur either because of insufficient account permissions, as stated in the error message, or because a Master Browser server (which would perform a NetBIOS broadcast to discover clients) could not be located on the network.

Per maggiori informazioni o per assistenza, vi preghiamo di contattare il supporto tecnico.

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