Why can't I find computers on my network in the console?

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There are two different troubleshooting scenarios in which you might not be able to see computers in Enterprise Console:

  • before deploying Sophos Anti-Virus to computers on the network
  • after deploying Sophos Anti-Virus to the network.

What to do

Cannot view computers for deployment

Note: If you have disabled any of the features below for security or other reasons, you should install manually, from a list, or from a script.

These are the main reasons that you may not be able to see computer(s) on the network in Enterprise Console when you are trying to deploy Sophos Anti-Virus.

  1. Find computers
    The computer was unavailable when you last clicked 'Find Computers'.
    In the tool bar click 'Find'. Wait while the list of computers in Enterprise Console refreshes.
  2. Switched off computer
    The computer is switched off, or disconnected.
    Switch the computer on, or reconnect it to the network. Then, in the tool bar, click 'Find'. Wait while the list of computers in Enterprise Console refreshes.
  3. Master browse list
    The computer does not appear in the Windows master browse list.
    The Windows master browse list can take several minutes to refresh. Check that you can see the computer in Windows Explorer. Then in the Enterprise Console tool bar, click 'Find'. The computer should be displayed once the list has been refreshed.
  4. Microsoft networking disabled
    Microsoft networking (NetBIOS) is not enabled on your network. Either install manually, or enable Microsoft networking.
  5. Active Directory, IP Range and Importing computers from a file, are additional methods of finding computers. Details of how to use these methods are given in the user manual, in the section 'How do I add computers to the console?'

Cannot view installed computers

Once computers have been installed, they will remain in Enterprise Console until deleted. If a computer that you expect to be displayed is not displayed, in the Enterprise Console tool bar, click 'Find'.

Per maggiori informazioni o per assistenza, vi preghiamo di contattare il supporto tecnico.

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