What's New in Sophos Mobile Control 4.0

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This article provides information about the new features available in Sophos Mobile Control 4.0.

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
Sophos Mobile Control as a Service 4.0
Sophos Mobile Control 4.0

Sophos Mobile Control 4.0 - What's New

Licensing changes

As of Sophos Mobile Control (SMC) 4.0 the way the product is licensed will be changed. A "License.sql" file will not be required anymore for an installation.
You will receive an activation key which can be used to activate the product after your purchase / trial period.
Furthermore, there will be two different kind of licenses:

  • SMC Standard: Only Sophos Mobile Control will be licensed
  • SMC Advanced: This adds Sophos Mobile Encryption and Sophos Mobile Security licenses to the Sophos Mobile Control server

Note: If you just perform an update of the Sophos Mobile Control server there is no need to get a new license. The license in place is still valid.

New web console design

The design of the Sophos Mobile Control web console was changed. It is now hold in blue.
Furthermore, all buttons contain a short explanation next to them to indicate what they will do.
Within the device details all buttons have been moved to an "Actions" sections which appears after clicking on it.

Management of Sophos Mobile Encryption for iOS

Settings of Sophos Mobile Encryption 2.5 can be managed by Sophos Mobile Control if the application was deployed using the SMC server.
This way, the application becomes a "Managed app". All available configuration settings are described in article 120911.

Enhanced Sophos Mobile Security features and management

Sophos Mobile Security 3.5 contains some new features which can also be managed by Sophos Mobile Control 4.0.
All new features of Sophos Mobile Security 3.5 are listed in our article 120912.
Furthermore, the administrator can define lists for allowed and blocked URLs / IPs. This is only possible if Sophos Mobile Security is managed by Sophos Mobile Control.

Sophos UTM integration

Starting with Sophos Mobile Control 4.0 you can now link your SMC server to a Sophos UTM to combine compliance information the SMC server has with VPN settings the UTM provides. For further information on this feature please have a look at our article 120898

Touchdown enterprise license configurable

If you have purchased an enterprise license for the Touchdown email client you can now specify it in the Exchange Active Sync profile for Android.
This way, users don't have to enter it manually any longer.

App Control on Android devices

With the new Sophos Mobile Control Android client you can define applications which users should not be allowed to start.

Additional VPN and Per-App VPN providers supported
Sophos Mobile Control 4.0 supports now the following VPN providers in addition:

  • F5
  • Checkpoint

Cisco ISE / Checkpoint appliance integration

Similar to our UTM integration Cisco ISE and Checkpoint appliances can connect to the SMC interface to get compliance information the SMC server has. Please verify with the appliance vendor if your appliance is capable to connect to an SMC server.

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