Interaction between Sophos UTM Manager and UTM

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This article describes the interaction between Sophos UTM Manager (SUM) version 4.2 and UTM 9.2.

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
Sophos UTM Manager
Sophos UTM


SUM is Sophos' central UTM management product. You can connect several UTM appliances to a SUM where they centrally can be monitored, configured and maintained. Starting with UTM 9.2 new policy objects were introduced which made the option to fully support older UTM version on every release of SUM not practical as it would greatly prolong testing cycles and make the SUM itself much more complex to develop and maintain. Since SUM 4.2 and UTM 9.2 we provide improved performance and compatibility. On the first view it may feel like a restriction but the new versions increase compatibility between SUM and UTM to a new level.

Here the details:

SUM allows you to connect several UTM appliances, and monitor, configure, and maintain them centrally. Since SUM 4.2 the SUM and UTM versions have to match. This means, if you have a SUM 4.2 all UTM versions appear in SUM and can be monitored, but you can only configure UTM 9.2 versions.

Example: If a UTM 9.2 connects to SUM 4.1 it falls into legacy mode. A message will be displayed.

In legacy mode you can still monitor the computer, create and download backups, and trigger Up2Date installations. MSP licensing works without any limitations.

The difference between legacy mode and full-management mode is, that you are not allowed to make configurations in SUM for your UTM.


SUM version UTM version Configurarion (on demand) reporting Backups Up2Date installation MSP licensing Monitoring
4.1 and lower 9.1 and lower
4.1 and lower 9.2
4.2 9.1 and lower
4.2 9.2

Future SUM releases will support minor UTM versions in full-management mode and older major versions in legacy mode (a major release is for example 4.1 → 4.2). SUM will be available for all customers in May, 2014.

Before you update SUM to version 4.2 it is recommended to create backups and think of a staged rollout. If you make a staged rollout you will be in so-called mixed-mode (some devices in legacy mode, some in full-management mode). If you decide to stay on UTM versions < 9.2 also stay on SUM version < 4.2.

Per maggiori informazioni o per assistenza, vi preghiamo di contattare il supporto tecnico.

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