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With the introduction of Sophos Enterprise Console (SEC) 5.2.1 Sophos made some changes to the way fixed versions are seen and used.

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Changes to subscriptions for fixed versions

With the introduction of Sophos Enterprise Console 5.2.1, Sophos made some changes to the way fixed versions are seen and used.

If you are a new customer, i.e. from June 2013, when you install SEC 5.2.1 or later for the first time, you will not see any fixed versions at all.

If your credentials were issued before June 2013 and you are running a version of SEC prior to 5.2.1, you will see no change at all until you upgrade to SEC 5.2.1 or later. On upgrade you will only see the fixed versions that you are already subscribed to. You will notice in the 'Software subscriptions' window that the check box option 'Automatically upgrade fixed version software when it is no longer supported by Sophos' has been removed. This means that when your current fixed subscriptions expire, all visibility of fixed versions will disappear, unless access to fixed versions has been provided through the use of a registry key. Note: using this registry key will not reinstate this checkbox option.

If you use fixed versions because you need to test updates before they are rolled out, or because you need to control when the updates are rolled out, then the new Extended and Previous Extended subscriptions should work in your environment as an alternative to fixed versions. You may end up with less changes in any given period because we are no longer going to issue new product/engine/data packages every month as we have done in the past (see Sophos Endpoint Update Strategy for details).

The Extended and Previous Extended subscriptions work as a pair with Previous Extended always being one version behind Extended. We plan to make the minimum number of product changes possible in Extended/Previous Extended, also, we will provide an overlap of at least 3 months between these two subscriptions. This will allow the same (or more) time for testing and deployment than was previously available on fixed versions.

If you reinstate visibility of fixed versions by adding the registry key, you can also use the fixed versions that are available for any subscription other than the Preview subscription. The reason for this is because versions are removed very quickly from the Preview subscription (as soon as a new product version is released) sot you could end up unprotected if using a version of SEC prior to 5.2.1 with the automatic upgrade option disabled.

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