Private Crypto and Private Disk update

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At Sophos we’re investing heavily in delivering the best data protection solutions to meet the changing needs of today’s organizations. These include:

Encryption on Macs – extending our file and folder encryption capabilities to Macs, as well as enabling management of built-in FileVault 2 encryption on the latest Mac OS X.

Securing data stored in the cloud – including virtual servers and Cloud storage services like Dropbox, Egnyte or Microsoft’s SkyDrive.

Securing data on mobile devices – protecting sensitive information that is stored on, and can be accessed using, mobile devices.

Encryption for Windows 8 – managing and extending the built-in BitLocker disk encryption as well as supporting password recovery, removable media, file and folder and cloud storage encryption on Windows 8.

Retirement of Private Crypto and Private Disk

To enable our engineering teams to focus on these new technologies, we are making a number of changes to our product lifecycles. These include retiring Private Crypto and Private Disk.

  • We are no longer selling Private Crypto and Private Disk
  • We will continue to provide support for Private Crypto and Private Disk to 31 March 2015

Your current implementation will continue working as normal. You can also continue to use these products beyond 31 March 2015. When considering your longer term plans we recommend working with a Sophos partner for alternative solutions.

Learn more

Contact your Sophos partner for more information on these changes. Your partner will also be able to advise on the latest Sophos data security solutions for mobile devices and cloud storage, and how they can support your business.

Per maggiori informazioni o per assistenza, vi preghiamo di contattare il supporto tecnico.

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