Retirement calendar for Sophos endpoint products, management consoles, and PureMessage

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This article provides information on the retirement of Sophos management consoles, endpoint products and PureMessage. To find out more about the retirement of supported platforms and operating systems, see the Related Information section at the bottom of this article.

We recommend that you use the latest versions of all products in order to benefit from the best available protection.

For Sophos endpoint products and PureMessage

Retirement is when all urgent software fixes, protection updates and support will end. The date shown is the last date for support. Generally there will be no software changes made in the preceding three months. For example, a retirement date of 30 June 2013 will have the last software engine update in late March /early April 2013. Protection updates (e.g., IDE files) will continue to be provided until 30 June 2013.

Maintenance is when feature development of Sophos Anti-Virus for these operating systems will end.

For Sophos Enterprise Console (SEC)

Retirement is when no help or assistance will be available from Sophos Support staff, the product may continue to work but we will no longer test upgrades.

Maintenance: once a new version of SEC is released it will be supported until the date shown in the table, supported means that Sophos Support staff will assist customers who are using that version of SEC with the setup and use of that version. If there is a later version of SEC available and you are experiencing issues our suggested solution might be to upgrade to the latest version available. Compatibility with newly-released operating system and database service packs, libraries, etc is not normally provided to older versions of SEC, updates to items such as SQL and .NET will only be tested with the most recent version of SEC.

We do not normally produce patches/updates for older versions of SEC once a new version has been released. For all versions of SEC that are not retired we will test the upgrade to the latest version released.

Please see the article Possible upgrade paths for Sophos Enterprise Console for details about the available upgrade paths for Sophos Enterprise Console

Product Retirement
Sophos Management Consoles
Enterprise Console:
Version 5.0 31 December 2014

Version 5.1, 5.2 31 December 2015

Version 5.2.1, 5.2.1 R2 31 March 2016

Version 5.2.2 31 October 2016

Version 5.3 31 October 2016

Version 5.3.1 30 April 2017
  Version 5.4.0 30 April 2017
Sophos Update Manager for Windows
We recommend you allow self-updating and therefore run the current version.
Sophos Enterprise Console Features

Full Disk Encryption 31 March 2016. Note: product is no longer available to purchase.
Sophos Anti-Virus
SAV for Windows:

Version 10.0 31 December 2014†. See the endpoint lifecycle policy for details.

Version 10.2 31 August 2014. See the endpoint lifecycle policy for details.

Version 10.3 and above No plans to retire. See the endpoint lifecycle policy for details.
SAV for Linux: 

Version 4 For full details see KB 119018

Version 7

Version 9

Version 4 For full details see KB 119018

Version 7

Version 9
SAV for Mac:

Version 9 No plans to retire
Sophos Anti-Virus for VMware vShield

Version 1.0 and 1.1
30 April 2015. We recommend you upgrade to version 2.0. Refer to the relevant Upgrade Guide for details of how to do this.

Version 2.x (including Cloud Managed)
No plans to retire
Sophos Anti-Virus Dynamic Interface (SAVDI)

Version 1.0.0, 1.0.1 and 1.0.2
30 April 2015
Sophos for Microsoft SharePoint

Version 1.x
30 June 2014

Version 2.x No plans to retire.

Version 3.x No plans to retire.

Version 3.1.3 (supports Exchange 2007/2010 ) No plans to retire.

Version 4.x (supports Exchange 2013 ) No plans to retire.

An overview of our endpoint lifecycle policy can be found in article 112580 and information on end of life for fixed AV version is available in 121139.

†Support for 10.0 was extended to give ongoing support for Windows 2000 and Itanium.

Related information

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