Unable to install Management Server - Failed to create scheduled tasks

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At the end of the installation you see the following error:

Unable to install Management Server
The MSI terminated unexpectedly.

Note: If you have not already done so please also read the parent article to this issue for related/similar errors to ensure this article applies: Sophos Enterprise Console...Installation Failed.

The error message shown in the 'Sophos_Server32|64msi [date] [time].log' which can be found in:

  • XP/2003:
    'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sophos\Management Installer\' 
  • Vista+:
    'C:\ProgramData\Sophos\Management Installer\'

will state that the custom action CreateCDLTask is failing. For example:

MSI (s) (1C:60) [11:05:57:670]: Executing op: ActionStart(Name=CreateCDLTask,,)
MSI (s) (1C:60) [11:05:57:670]: Executing op: CustomActionSchedule(Action=CreateCDLTask,ActionType=1025,Source=BinaryData,Target=CreateScheduledTask,CustomActionData=Sophos Patch Feed;C:\Program Files\Sophos\Patch\PatchDataLoader\\PatchDataLoader.exe;;0;;true;DOMAIN\SophosDBUser;UzBwaDBaTTRuYWczTmVudA==;false)
MSI (s) (1C:54) [11:05:57:686]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\Windows\Installer\MSIDE39.tmp, Entrypoint: CreateScheduledTask
CreateScheduledTask: Initialized.
CreateScheduledTask: Error 0x80070569: Error encountered while creating scheduled task.
CreateScheduledTask: Error 0x80070569: Failed to create scheduled task.
MSI (s) (1C:60) [11:05:58:108]: User policy value 'DisableRollback' is 0
MSI (s) (1C:60) [11:05:58:108]: Machine policy value 'DisableRollback' is 0
Action ended 11:05:58: InstallFinalize. Return value 3.

First seen in

Enterprise Console


There was a failure to create the scheduled tasks required by the Sophos Patch component. This can occur for a variety of reasons. The Sophos Enterprise Console installation logs will present an error which can help to identify the cause. It may be a permissions issue or the result of a restrictive security setting.

What To Do

View the Sophos_Server32|64msi [date] [time].log and search for value 3  to find the error message generated during installation. An error code will be displayed above the value 3  result which will highlight the reason for the failure shown in red above.

0x80070520 A specified logon session does not exist

This failure is caused by the following policy being configured on the computer:

    "Network access: Do not allow storage of passwords and credentials for network authentication"

This policy setting results in the following registry key being set to 1:


This setting must be disabled for the installation of the Enterprise Console to continue. More information on this setting can be found here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd349805(WS.10).aspx#BKMK_39

0x80041315 The Task Scheduler Service is not running

This suggests that the installer is unable to connect to the Windows Task Scheduler service. Ensure that the service is started:

  1. Click Start | Administrative Tools | Services
  2. Scroll the 'Task Scheduler' service
  3. Right click on the service and select 'start'
  4. Once the service is started, run the Sophos Enterprise Console installation again

If the service fails to start, contact Microsoft support for further assistance.

0x80070569: Error encountered while creating scheduled task.

This error code confirms that the user account selected during the installation is unable to run a scheduled task. This may be due to either a local security policy or group policy restricting the 'Log on as batch jobs' permission.

  1. Click Start | Administrative Tools | Local Security Policy
  2. Browse to; Local Policies | User Rights Assignment | Log on as batch job
  3. Add the database connection account specified during the Enterprise Console installation
  4. Once the service is started, run the Sophos Enterprise Console installation again

0x80070005: Error encountered while creating scheduled task.

This error code means the installer is getting 'access denied' when trying to create the scheduled tasks. This may be due to incorrect permissions on the tasks folder itself. It can also be caused by a local security policy or group policy restricting the creation of scheduled tasks.

Checking the permissions on the tasks folder

  1. Browse to C:\Windows\
  2. Right click the Tasks folder and select Properties
  3. Go to the security tab
  4. Apply the following permissions:
User Rights
Authenticated Users Traverse folder, list folder, read attributes, read extended attributes, create files, read permissions
Administrators Full control
Creator owner Full control (special - subfolders and files only)
System Full control

In the event that the security tab of the folder properties cannot be accessed, the following Microsoft tool can be used to apply the required permissions: SubInACL - http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=23510. For assistance with this tool, see the Microsoft knowledge base.

Check the group policy for restrictions

  1. Within the group policy management interface browse to Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Task Scheduler
  2. View the settings for Disable New Task Creation
  3. The default setting for this policy is 0

For more information see: http://technet.microsoft.com/library/Cc940083

Per maggiori informazioni o per assistenza, vi preghiamo di contattare il supporto tecnico.

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