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On the Enterprise console, under the "Status" tab | "Policy compliance" column, one or more clients report their status to the Console as "differs from policy".

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
Enterprise Console


There are various reasons for the 'Policy compliance' column to show as 'Differs from policy' depending on the type of policy (AutoUpdate, Anti-Virus and HIPs, Device Control, etc.). One or more sub-policies are not compliant.

What To Do

You need to locate which type of policy (Updating, Anti-Virus & HIPs, Firewall, etc.) is actually differing. On the Enterprise console select each of the tabs described in the table below and check if the the value of the policy column is showing as differing.

Once you have identified which policy is differing follow the link in the 'Further information' column of the table below and troubleshoot the cause of the issue. 

Tab name Column name Further information
Update Details Updating policy See Differs from policy - AutoUpdate policy
Anti-virus details Anti-virus and HIPs policy See Differs from policy - Anti-Virus and Hips policy
Firewall details Firewall policy Contact Sophos Technical Support
Application Control Application Control policy See Differs from policy - Application Control policy
Data Control Data Control policy See: Differs from policy - Data control policy
Device Control Device Control policy See: Differs from policy - Device control policy
Tamper protection Tamper protection policy Contact Sophos Technical Support

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