Sophos Threat Intelligence

Reduce time, effort, and cost while defeating modern malware and zero-day threats

With a wide range of expertise covering all critical threats, Sophos provides high-quality, accurate, and easy-to-deploy Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) to defeat modern malware and zero-day threats in realtime. Sophos helps resource-constrained IT security teams and OEM partners with an easy-to-implement additional layer of protection for their network, email, and web security solutions.

Stop threats in their tracks

Here’s what SophosLabs achieves every day:

5 million+

Spam messages


Malicious URLs


Unseen files and PUAs


Malware checksums

Contextual, accurate, and automated threat intelligence

Sophos IP Reputation provides an easy yet powerful way to protect against evolving spam and phishing campaigns.

  • Maintains IP address classifications that can be used by receiving networks to reject, prevent delivery of, or quarantine spam messages.
  • Allows security/UTM solutions to accurately drop connections from known bad IP addresses, increasing overall throughput and capacity.
  • Uses a simple, industry-standard DNSBL (Domain Name System Block Lists) integration that can be easily deployed in most MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) and platform environments.
  • Helps eliminate up to 99% of spam at the connection level with virtually no false positives.

Sophos File Reputation helps with effective detection of malicious files and PUAs that cannot be identified by traditional security solutions.

  • Provides context-rich, cloud-enabled and real-time file reputation intelligence.
  • Allows extension of Sophos’ SXL look up protection to secure customers against various malicious files and downloads irrespective of file attributes.
  • Provides comprehensive, real-time and effective protection against rapid malware distribution within enterprise networks and helps safeguard users and devices against emerging threats.
  • Leverages crowdsourced approach to close the gap between known or suspected malware.

Sophos URL Classification protects against web-borne threats and malicious URLs that may evade traditional cyber-security measures.

  • Provides depth of coverage, high accuracy and effective URL categorization for malicious URLs, domains and malware infected websites.
  • Helps partners enable a proactive web security posture and deliver greater ROI from existing security solutions with continuously updated URL classification.
  • Analyzes over 150,000 malicious URLs every day and has categorized over 25 million domains (current URL database stands at over 2 billion and growing).
  • Enables OEM partners to help customers fine tune policy decisions using security risk classifications across 80+ URL categories.

Sophos Zero-day Malware intelligence is a high-performance, cloud-enabled solution that provides real-time and effective response against the very latest of malware threats.

  • Combines file checksums and malware analysis from SophosLabs to detect both static and advanced malware that are not caught by URL blocking and other traditional security measures.
  • Optimized for gateway and endpoint security products, the solution offers memory efficient protection that proactively and efficiently stops emerging malware, including viruses, spyware, and Trojans.
  • Allows partners to offer an innovative blend of on-premise and in-the-cloud protection with effective malware threat coverage and accurate detection.

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